Student leader balances nursing, activities

Apolonia Martinez '14As president of the Associated Students of Linfield College Portland Campus, nursing major Apolonia Martinez ’14 of Glendale, Calif., has been involved in a number of activities on campus including playing on the Linfield soccer team. Read about who inspires her, and also her tips for balancing academics and extracurricular activities.

Why did you choose to major in nursing?
I chose nursing because it’s something I feel passionate about. I have always liked science and anatomy but I love interacting with people so I figured what better thing to do with my life.

Why did you run for the president of ASLC-PC? 
I ran because I wanted to get more involved on campus. I felt like I had more opportunities at the nursing campus because it was smaller and faculty and staff were easier to get to know.

How do you balance the demands of both positions?
In nursing school, you learn about time management and it comes in handy when balancing school, ASLC-PC and committees. Being organized is essential but I enjoy being busy so it makes it worth it.

What has been your best experience at Linfield College?
I have had such an amazing time at Linfield that I couldn’t just pick one but being in nursing school has been a wonderful experience. I am learning things that I will use for the rest of my life in my career and I think that is one of the things I will cherish most.

What was your most memorable soccer experience?
I played goalie for the Linfield women’s soccer team. It was a great experience but my favorite part was meeting new people and being able to grow with them through my college experience.

Tell us about a Linfield professor or person who supports, mentors or inspires you. Professor Jacqueline Webb has really supported and mentored me through my time at the nursing school. She inspires me to become the best nurse I can be and pushes me to continue my education after receiving my bachelor’s degree. I owe a lot of my success in school to her because she does not just ask the bare minimum from me. She expects more out of me and drives me to become a better nurse in the future.

What are your future plans?
I plan to move back home to California and get a job hopefully in a hospital. After gaining experience I intend to go back to school to one day be a nurse practitioner.


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