Schuck discusses Farm Bill in radio interview

Eric Schuck, professor of economicsEric Schuck, professor of economics, explained why every citizen has a stake in the nation’s Farm Bill during an interview on Jefferson Public Radio. Listen.

Schuck discussed the current status of the 2013 Farm Bill negotiations in Congress and what the implications are for food producers and consumers in the U.S. Everyone has a stake in the farm bill, he said.

“The farm bill defines the rules that American agriculture lives under — what people grow, how they grow it and how much they grow of it,” Schuck said.

A farm bill, which regulates everything from crop price supports to food stamps, typically comes up every five years, and has been increasingly more difficult to pass. Without passage of a new bill or renewal of the current one, consumers would notice immediate differences, like a potential doubling of milk prices as the country reverts to a 1949 agricultural act.


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