Reid to head environmental stewardship at Linfield

Linfield College graduate Duncan Reid ’10 has returned to his alma mater to continue the sustainability efforts he started as a student.

Reid has been named Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Assistant at Linfield. In his new role, Reid will engage students in a variety of projects, assist faculty who seek to incorporate sustainability more fully in their courses, and work with facilities personnel to keep Linfield at the forefront of sustainable practices.

“I am excited to reconnect with this community and put into action initiatives and programs which will further Linfield’s sustainability effort,” Reid said.

The new position supports one of the goals of the Linfield College 2012-18 Strategic Plan, which is to extend Linfield’s commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

As a student, Reid played an integral role in Linfield’s sustainability effort, making plans even before he started classes. During orientation he asked sociology Professor Rob Gardner how he could organize an environmental advocacy group on campus.

He founded the student group Greenfield, the campus bike co-op, the student garden effort and the sustainability grant fund, among others. By the end of his first year, President Thomas Hellie appointed Reid to the Advisory Committee on the Environment and Sustainability (ACES). This semester he rejoins ACES as the college’s point person for sustainability.

After graduating from Linfield with a degree in environmental policy, Reid travelled to East Africa, India and around the United States, gaining insights on multiple sustainability practices. Most recently, he was employed by Cellar Ridge Construction, a local green building company, helping to create McMinnville’s first home performance program and reducing community energy demand through energy efficiency retrofit projects.

“I am blessed with the opportunity to share my passion and expertise in sustainability with a community that is so close to my heart,” said Reid, who aspires to bring his practices in line with life supporting systems, and plans to eventually steward the land with a group of others focused on sustainable living and right livelihood. “This position is a wonderful opportunity for both the college and me. I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”

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