Progress in women’s rights creates backlash, Linfield College professor says

Professor Dawn NowackiNews stories in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and on Yahoo quote political science Professor Dawn Nowacki, who talked about the recent surge in violence against Middle Eastern and Indian women.

“Women throughout the developing world have made progress and they are having an impact,” says Nowacki, “but there’s been a backlash from men who say they are protecting traditional values.

“Many women have found that overthrowing dictators has proven easier than defeating entrenched male dominance,” Nowacki says. “But in the face of governmental, social, legal, political and religious pressure, women are still out there, demanding their rights. They are heroic.”

Nowacki teaches in the Department of Political Science. Her scholarship, including study in Russia, Turkey, Jordan and China, has been supported by a Fulbright Scholar Award and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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