Professor Lex Runciman: Why I teach

Lex Runciman, professor of EnglishAcclaimed poet Lex Runciman, Linfield College professor of English since 1992, reflected on teaching and the influence his own instructors have had on his craft in a recent issue of Linfield Magazine.

“I teach because I was taught, taught by Mrs. Shea, who was not a nun; taught by the nun who wept as she told us John Kennedy had been shot; taught by the school librarian who gave permission: I could take out as many books as I wanted, as often as I chose.

“Good teachers taught me to see how enthusiasm, a whole-thinking and whole-hearted and rigorous questioning and finding, could be demonstrated and transferred, transferred to the likes of me, no college in my family and few books on the shelf. I could read Mrs. Dalloway. I could read Beloved and Moby Dick.

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