Political science professor editorializes in Christian Science Monitor

Professor Pat Cottrell’s guest column was featured in a full-page spread in the international newspaper.

Cottrell urged Democrats to “listen to more country music” in an effort to learn better communication strategies, and a Monitor editor called his editorial “one of the smartest pieces of commentary we’ve seen in the inbox for a while.”

Many voters responded favorably to the GOP’s simple, emotional pitch, says Cottrell, who outlined some unconventional strategies for revamping the party’s communication strategy for the 2012 elections.

“The central problem facing the Democrats in the next two years is not Republican obstructionism, but rather their own lack of identity,” he wrote. “They desperately need a shared purpose, one that will lend coherence to their policy platform and help communicate their vision more effectively to voters of all stripes.”

You can read Cottrell’s guest column in the Monitor’s weekly print edition or online.

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