Photo Gallery

Commencement 2015

A sampling of the excitement and joy of commencement 2015. (Laura Davis and Mardi Mileham photos)

The People Fountain

The People Fountain between Dillin Hall and the Athletic Complex honors seven people and has become a landmark on the Linfield campus.
(Mardi Mileham photos)

Science, Service, Sustainability

Nearly 70 new students attended a science boot camp, participated in community service projects, and learned about sustainability. (Laura Davis, Mardi Mileham photos)

Happy Birthday Linfield 2015

The Student Alumni Association sponsored celebrations for Linfield's 157th birthday on the McMinnville and Portland Campuses. To see all photos go to

Easter Egg Hunt 2015

An overview of the annual Linfield College Easter Egg Hunt. (Laura Davis photos)

Linfield Winter Wonderland

Winter storm February 24, 2011. Photos by Mardi Mileham

Homecoming 2014

An overview of 2014 homecoming activities.