Llamas visit Linfield College on Pet Therapy Day

Linfield College nursing students learned first-hand about the therapeutic effects of animals on patients when therapy llamas Smokey and Rojo paid a visit this week.

The two llamas, along canine and feline guests, visited the campus courtyard of the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing to highlight the benefits of animal-assisted therapy. Animals can improve a patient’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning.

“There was so much laughter and happiness on campus,” says administrative assistant Jennifer Keltner. “Students were petting and feeding the llamas, and they did exactly what therapy animals are meant to do, lift spirits.”

Linfield’s nursing major is a transfer-only program located in vibrant Northwest Portland. Students experience a community-focused curriculum that integrates nursing theory and clinical experience with courses in the humanities and sciences.

Linfield College is one of the few schools in the Pacific Northwest dedicated exclusively to undergraduate education. The small college was named one of the nation’s top picks for high school counselors across the U.S. and has been nationally praised for combining affordability and excellence.

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