Nursing students give thanks

Each year at Thanksgiving, students at Linfield’s Portland Campus make a list of things they are thankful for. Here’s what they said.

•  I am thankful for the amazing sense of community on the Portland Campus. I admire the collaboration and inclusiveness I see between students and departments. The positive feedback on ideas and projects reminds me that it is possible to have a lasting impact.

•  I am thankful for all of the wonderful people I have met and the relationships I have built thus far in my nursing school journey at Linfield College!

•  I am thankful for faculty who saw me struggling academically, told me that they knew it wasn’t reflective of my overall performance, recognized there was a problem, and encouraged me to seek help while giving me time to get back on my feet.

•  I am thankful for the staff and faculty at Linfield and I haven’t even started yet! They have all been so responsive and helpful as I get ready to begin next Spring. I already feel welcome and part of the Linfield community.

•  I am thankful for a staff member who always has a smile on her face and for being a bright part of my day!!

•  I am thankful for a fellow student for having the best attitude and always being willing to help others!

•  I am thankful for a fellow student who worked tirelessly to set up our Hurst Live Review and ACLS and representing Linfield at the OSNA San Diego Convention.

•  I am thankful for the nursing/lactation room at Linfield. I am able to pump and give the wonderful gift of breast milk to my amazing baby while still attending school.   🙂

•  I am thankful for all the amazing staff!!

•  I am thankful for the coffee provided by ASLC! Thank you!

•  I am thankful for having understanding faculty and students who realize that there are good weeks and there are bad weeks and that everyone needs a little break sometimes.

•  I am thankful for my preceptors and clinical professors who work so diligently and have added so much to my nursing education. A special shout out to recent Linfield graduate CTA/clinical professors. They bring a special perspective to the challenging world of nursing, the job market, and the special capabilities that Linfield nursing graduates have to offer.

•  I am thankful for the staff and everyone else who genuinely wants to see every student succeed.

•  I am thankful for the nursing program as a whole and the resources available.

•  I am thankful for a staff member. Every day when I see her, no matter how early, she is smiling and telling you good morning! She has such a positive spirit about her and it is truly infectious! My day always starts off right if I am able to see her smiling face!

•  I am thankful for a staff member and his support for our cohort. It is what helped keep me at Linfield.

•  I am thankful for a staff member who helped me receive a substantial scholarship so providing my family with food and shelter is now feasible. Thank you.

•  I am thankful for having professors who truly care and believe that I can SUCCEED!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and keep in touch on Facebook or Twitter!