Nursing alumni selected for Legacy Versant RN residency

Up against stiff competition, 14 Linfield nursing alumni were selected from among 699 applicants to fill 61 RN residency positions at Portland-area Legacy Health locations.

“We are incredibly excited about our Nurse Residency program,” says Mary Lyn Feldt, a patient care specialist at Legacy and the RN residency manager. Linfield alumni represent the largest group from any school in the resident cohort.

The residency program aims to increase RN competence and confidence, thus enhancing quality patient care and outcomes. Legacy partnered with Versant , who provides content, structure, process and evaluation as the new RNs transition to practice.

Individual units and departments hired individual residents, who participate as a cohort in the training program for 18 weeks. “The training basically condenses an 18-month program; it’s an intensive and golden opportunity to ramp up quickly into practice,” according to  Jorge Juliano ’09.

Linfield alumni participating in the Versant RN Residency program at Legacy include Katherine Allen ‘10, Sarah Brown ‘10, Laura Carlson ‘10, Alejandrina Felipe ‘09, Dana Fisher ‘10, Katherine Hadley ‘10, Kristen Johnson ‘10, Jorge Juliano ‘09, Cynthia Olivares ‘10, Kathleen Pearson ‘09, Lisbeth Pelsue ‘09, Jennifer Streissguth ‘10, Jennifer Wieczorek ‘08 and Elizabeth Wyzik ‘10.