Nurse educator shortage threatens country’s health system, says nursing prof in Huffington Post op-ed

Nursing Professor Laura Rodgers offered recommendations for fixing the nurse educator shortage in a Huffington Post column.

“Last year, the first cohort of 79 million baby boomers entered the U.S. Medicare system, bringing with them chronic health problems and high health care expectations,” says the Linfield nursing professor. “Older Americans require far more health care services than their younger counterparts, making the current shortage of nurses critical.

“Unfortunately,” Rodgers says, “nurses can’t be trained without nurse educators, and that shortage is even more dire.”

Rodgers shared recommendations for addressing the shortage, including scholarships and loan forgiveness for nursing graduate students and greater use of technology in nursing schools.

Professor Rodgers also gave an interview on the Jefferson Exchange program, an NPR-affiliate radio program broadcasting to southern Oregon and northern California, and was featured in a news release carried in newspapers across the country.

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