Marriage proposal to Linfield scholarship student makes global news

Amy Frankel became a Linfield nursing student this summer, and also got a marriage proposal that was videoed and went viral, attracting 12 million viewers, worldwide media coverage and an appearance on the Today Show.

Frankel appeared on the show but had to decline additional offers because she was due on campus for a meeting with her national scholarship committee. She has received a prestigious New Careers in Nursing Scholarship award.

The VIDEO featured a street party of 60 dancing and lip-syncing friends and family, and ended with a proposal from Portland actor Isaac Lamb. People from around the world say it has renewed their faith in the power of love.

The new Linfield student is a talented choreographer who landed her first Broadway show at age 25 and toured the country with musicians and actors.

Frankel has also volunteered her talents to help others achieve a more positive sense of themselves through the arts. She choreographed dance routines for the PHAME Academy, the Portland region’s fine and performing arts academy for adults with developmental disabilities, and helped the Broadway Rose Theatre Company develop a teen musical theatre camp that targeted underprivileged students. “The camp provided a safe place for teenagers to find their own creative voice,” Frankel says.

As a core company member of Third Rail Repertory Theatre, she helps produce plays that provoke dialogue and encourage empathy, often tackling difficult issues in the hope of inspiring communal change.

Frankel recently began studies for her nursing baccalaureate degree at the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing.

Her New Careers in Nursing scholarship was awarded thanks to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. The scholarship program addresses the national nursing shortage and expands capacity in baccalaureate and graduate school nursing programs.

Key players behind the viral hit, The Oregonian