College guide recognizes Linfield for support of first-generation college students

CampusLinfield was recognized in the 2011 College Access & Opportunity Guide for support of low-income, first-generation college students.

Young people in all socioeconomic groups have college aspirations. In fact, eight out of 10 expect to attain a bachelor’s degree or higher, according to the U.S. Department of Education.

But despite these aspirations, low-income students and those who are the first in their families to pursue higher education are severely underrepresented on college campuses.

Even worse, those who do make it to college are not finding supportive college environments or graduating. A recent USA Today article notes that 89 percent of low-income, first-generation students leave college without a degree.

Linfield is working to change this trend by helping low-income, first-generation college-bound students make it to college, and stay.

The new college guide, published by the Center for Student Opportunity, recognized Linfield for its outreach efforts, financial aid opportunities and student support services.

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