Linfield students and staff offer hands and hearts to local community

In late October, students and staff contributed 500 hours of service throughout the community, and even visiting student families joined in.

Numerous student groups, from the women’s soccer team to the Chemistry Club to Latinos Adelante, volunteered their time for the Make a Difference Day event, while the Linfield Employees Association sponsored a coat drive for the Rainbow Family Services.

The volunteers worked in local parks and at a community garden and senior center, as well as with Habitat for Humanity and the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District, among other organizations.

This was the 11th year that Linfield has participated, and last year, Linfield was a semi-finalist for USA Weekend ’s Make a Difference Day awards.

“One particularly meaningful project was organized in partnership with McMinnville Waste Water Treatment Plant,” said Jessica Wade, director of Linfield’s Community Engagement and Service Office.

Concerned about the water quality in our rivers, Karl Birky from the agency contacted Linfield to assist in a community awareness campaign. Volunteers canvassed neighborhoods and installed curbside markers at stormwater catch basins, which read “No dumping” and “Drains to river.” McMinnville hopes to prevent dumping of fertilizers and toxic household wastes, which can harm water quality in creeks and rivers.

The event was coordinated by Linfield’s Office of Community Engagement and Service, and led by the Change Corps student leaders. Supporters included the offices of College Activities and Multicultural Programs, and the college Bookstore. Breakfast was provided by Linfield’s dining service, Sodexo.