Linfield student toe taps his way to top five in global dance contest, help him win

Sophomore Timmy Marl ’14 is toe tapping his way to hoped-for fame in a global dance contest.

“Toe Tappin’ Timmy” was mentioned as a top-five favorite by contest judges in the Coke Zero contest, and they liked his first video so much they asked him to submit another.

For his second video, Marl recruited more than 200 participants, including Linfield sociology Professor Rob Gardner and his class, and a local high school dance team. Now he’s working on a third video for the contest, which ends in late November. Contestants must incorporate a move called “the toe tappy” and a choice of pre-recorded music tracks.

Tell your friends to Like Marl’s video, and help this Linfield student dance his way to the top spot.

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Judges’ comments  (Timmy at 1.53 minutes)

Photo courtesy of Joel Ray ’13, story assistance courtesy of Joanna Peterson ’12, Linfield Review