Linfield senior to help oversee national association

Margaret Ngai ’12 will hone her leadership skills this year as vice president of the National Student Nurses Association, a 56,000-member professional organization.

Ngai, who was elected during the organization’s annual meeting, will chair committees on bylaws, policy and membership and serve as a member on other committees. She’ll also travel the country presenting workshops and seminars.

“NSNA provides opportunities for professional development and networking that can be valuable in this tight job market,” she says. “Nurses who are involved in professional organizations and who have support of colleagues are more likely to stay engaged in the profession and make the most of their career.”

Ngai plans to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner because of the broad opportunities it offers to work with a variety of individuals. “I enjoy all aspects of nursing and this career means I don’t have to select just one specific area,” she says.

Before coming to Linfield, Ngai completed a bachelor’s of liberal studies with a minor in psychology and a certificate in biomedical ethics. She’s a classical musician trained in violin, piano and clarinet, and is a singer. She’s bilingual in English and Spanish, and has studied German, Italian and Cantonese.

NSNA’s mission is to mentor the professional development of future registered nurses and facilitate their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities and career guidance.