Linfield honors outstanding philosophy professor

Philosophy Professor Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza was honored with the Samuel H. Graf Faculty Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding teaching, scholarship and service to the Linfield College community.

Ilundáin has increased the visibility of Linfield in the philosophical community, supported and expanded the research of several Linfield students and alumni, developed innovative teaching techniques and brought prominent scholars to campus to inspire debate and action.

The Linfield philosophy professor is honored for creatively supporting students’ philosophical sense of wonder, and helping them make connections with their passions and other course work.

In addition to his work with students this year, Ilundain is the author of five publications including articles and book chapters, plus five contributions of book reviews and encyclopedia entries. During his upcoming sabbatical, he will write a monograph, Skillful Striving Embodied Cognition, Active Pursuits, and Reflective Cultivation of Excellence.

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