Linfield grads to scatter around the world, literally

Creative writing and business major Rachel Mills ’11 will head to Afghanistan for nonprofit work.


Here’s what some Linfield grads are doing next …

Rachel Mills
Majors: Creative Writing and Business
Minor: Spanish

Plans: “I will be leaving four days before graduation to fly to Afghanistan. I have a month-long internship there with an organization called the Banyan Tree Network. When I return, I’ll be starting work with an organization in Salem called Friends of Pimpollo. It is a nonprofit that supports children’s homes and scholarship programs in Southern Mexico.


Tracy Beaver
Major: Music
Minor: Philosophy

Plans: “I’m moving back to Reno to play in a string quartet. I’m going to take off a year and then pursue grad school, either at the University of Nevada or a conservatory.”


Katherine Franklin
Major: Nursing

Plans: “My plans after graduation are to study for the NCLEX, pass J, and then hopefully be accepted into a nurse residency program.”


Austin Hocker
Major: Exercise Science
Minors: Biology and Chemistry

Plans: “Next year I am going to the University of Oregon to start my PhD in human physiology.”


Arielle Perkins
Major: Accounting and Mathematics

Plans: “I plan to stay in the area and find a job with an accounting firm. I hope to complete the CPA exam within a year of graduating and I believe the accounting courses I have taken at Linfield have provided a great foundation for being successful in this venture.”