Linfield gardeners create park-like campus

Campus flowersLinfield gardeners tend the 193-acre park-like campus with care, and it shows.

Each summer brings a profusion of colorful annuals and perennials, and the campus is graced with 54 large hanging baskets, flowers spilling down the sides.

“The secret is in the soil,” says gardener Carol Gallagher, who is stopped regularly for advice. “If you have your soil prepped right, then it’s mainly watering, fertilizing and knowing when to prune.”

Gallagher, who prefers being outside to indoors, is no fair-weather gardener. Even during rainstorms, she can be seen tending her flowers, with waterproof gear, muck boots and a hat.

“I love the work,” says Gallagher, who began gardening at 10 with her dad, making 10 cents an hour. “It’s creative and I like the satisfaction of doing a job and looking back at it.”

Her favorite part? “Getting to know the students.”

Gallagher’s gardening tips:

•          Edge often, for aesthetics and plant health.

•          Fertilize flowers weekly.

•          Prune at the proper time.

•          Choose plants suited to specific areas, based on size and sun needs.

•          Pull or spray weeds when small, every 10 days.

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