Linfield faculty provide context for Olympic issues

Olympic ringsTwo Linfield College professors – Patrick Cottrell and Randy Grant – recently weighed in on issues relating to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Linfield College political science Professor Patrick CottrellCottrell, assistant professor of political science, co-authored with Travis Nelson “The International Olympic Committee’s humanitarian hypocrisy,” an op-ed piece published in The Oregonian. According to the authors, although the International Olympic Committee attempts to remain above political controversy, its appeals to humanitarianism and universality are fundamentally political. Cottrell and Nelson are the authors of “Not Just the Games: Power, Politics, and Protest at the Olympics,” which appeared in the European Journal of International Relations.


Economics Professor Randy GrantGrant, professor of economics, provided an economist’s perspective on the winter games, which have been record-setting in a number of ways, in “Sochi Olympics By The Numbers.” The record $51 billion that Russia has invested in the Games is more than the previous 21 Winter Olympics combined. In the Wallethub article, Grant explains that hosting the Olympics results in a net loss for the host cities and countries, but there is wide variation.


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