Linfield College welcomes Upward Bound students to campus

Fifty high school students are staying on campus this month, learning skills that will help them navigate the road to college.

Linfield’s six-week Upward Bound summer program supports students who may not otherwise make it to college. Linfield students serve as tutors and counselors, helping the visiting teens hone writing, science, math and language skills.

Camping, swimming, scavenger hunts, dances and talent shows round out the activities. Students will also visit the Oregon coast and the Oregon zoo.

“The primary goal of the Upward Bound summer program is to give students academic skills, so they not only excel in high school, but thrive once they get to college,” says Upward Bound Director Greg Mitchell.

“We believe in the development of the whole person, so we spend a lot of time and energy helping students learn skills that will help them outside the classroom as well,” Mitchell says. Those skills, he says, include effective communication, creativity, responsibility and self-advocacy.

The Linfield College Upward Bound Program is funded through the U.S. Department of Education.