Linfield College adding marching band in fall 2018

Marching band on Maxwell FieldLinfield College will step to the beat of a different drummer in fall 2018 when it launches a new marching band. The band will support the entire Wildcat community, including the football team, renowned for its string of 61 consecutive winning seasons.   

“College marching bands let students continue doing what they enjoyed in their high school days while building confidence and rigor for the college experience,” says Faun Tiedge, professor of music and department chair.  “Marching band offers an opportunity to identify with a student group and connect from the start to college spirit and community.  Students from all backgrounds and areas of study come together to make music.” 

She continued, “This program has the potential to bring many more good students to Linfield” of all majors, not only music. 

This addition will make Linfield the first NCAA Division III team in the Northwest Conference to have a full marching band. Nationwide, only a small number of Division III programs have marching bands.  

“Linfield College has a proud tradition of excellent athletics, outstanding music and intentional student leadership experiences,” says Susan Hopp, vice president of student affairs and athletics and dean of students. “A marching band provides one more outstanding opportunity for student engagement and we are excited to bring this music tradition back to Linfield College.”  

The marching band will be Linfield’s first in the modern era. Its previous marching band ended before World War II, and the program wasn’t revived.  

The college will immediately launch the search for a full-time marching band director to lead the band and oversee its performances.   

As details of the marching band program are finalized, information will be added to the Linfield web page 

For students interested in studying music, Linfield offers both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in music. The college also offers multiple performance opportunities outside of the marching band, including wind symphony, woodwind ensemble, jazz band and brass choir. To learn more, visit