Linfield’s graduating seniors head off in many directions

Chemistry and biology graduate Christopher Jenness ’11 will begin a graduate program in molecular cell and developmental biology at Rockefeller University in New York City.

As for some others …

Dayna Tapp
Major: Sociology

Plans: “In the fall, I will begin an AmeriCorps placement with Urban Servant Corps, a one-year, full-time volunteer program located in Denver, Colorado.”


Evan Hilberg
Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Biology

Plans: “I just received the news that I was admitted to Eastern Washington’s master’s program for exercise science. I will also work on becoming certified as a health fitness specialist.”


Jordan Jacobo

Plans: “I’m moving to Eugene this summer and entering the University of Oregon Teach program to obtain an MAT master’s in the art of teaching. Once I’ve completed it I’ll be licensed to teach English and language arts for middle and high schools.”


Samantha Mack
Major: Communication Arts
Minor: English Literature

Plans: “That is a million-dollar question! Eventually, I would like to pursue a career in the Portland or Seattle area that would allow me to use my writing and interpersonal communications skills, perhaps doing public relations or human resources for a company whose values and mission I support. In a few years, I hope to return to graduate school. And after that, we’ll see where the wind takes me!”