‘Portraits: Legacies of War’ features local vets, students

Veteran Homer Farley, photograph from "Portraits: Legacies of War"An innovative student exhibit will feature portraits and stories of local veterans of war. The opening reception for “Portraits: Legacies of War” will be Wednesday, May 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Linfield Studio Gallery. Students and veterans will be on hand to greet guests.


“Portraits: Legacies of War” represents a collaboration of students in two Linfield courses during the 2013 spring semester: “Media, War, and Culture,” taught in the Department of Mass Communication by Susan Currie Sivek; and “Digital Color Photography,” taught in the Department of Art and Visual Culture by Cris Moss.

To learn firsthand what soldiers experience during war, students were paired with local veterans to write stories and take photographs. The students applied their skills in photography and journalism while gaining a deeper understanding of veterans’ service and of the effects of war on individuals and communities.

The Linfield Studio Gallery is located in the James Miller Fine Arts Center and is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exhibition runs through May 11.

The reception and exhibition is sponsored by Linfield Gallery, and the cross-disciplinary collaboration is part of the Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement, which has as its theme this year “Legacies of War.”

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