KSLC broadcasts 500 watts of student talent

Rachel Go ’13, information director for Linfield’s student-powered radio, gives her take on the community station.

Rachel Go

Hello, I’m the information director for KSLC 90.3 FM, Linfield’s campus radio station. It’s student-powered, meaning the general manager, the business director, the technical director and other staff members, including DJs, are all talented students.

What I do is make sure everyone working within KSLC is well-informed. I also had the job of finding volunteer DJs for on-air time slots.

I enjoyed being a DJ at KSLC for a semester before I applied for a staff position. Most staff members have their own shows where they play music, do interviews or just chat with listeners.

When we DJs are on the air we make that time ours. We can talk about gardening, the weather, current events, things going on in McMinnville, or even how much we miss our dogs back home.

Something that surprised me was the range of people interested in becoming a DJ. There were students who were incredibly enthusiastic about all different types of music, there were students more interested in broadcasting sports, there were students who were interested in doing talk-shows and interviews, and there were students who were shy but willing to try out a show.

At the end of the day, the most amazing thing about working at KSLC is the people I’ve been privileged enough to meet and work with. I can tell already that they have a lot of potential and great ideas for the future.

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