Kozy weighs in on the growing role of nurse practitioners

Mallie KozyMallie Kozy, dean of the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing, was recently featured in an article about the growing role of nurse practitioners.

The Marion-Polk County Medical Society voted to allow nurse practitioners to join the professional association. According to Kozy, nurse practitioners are capable of working independently, with rigorous training, licensing and continuing education requirements. In fact, nurse practitioners who have doctorate degrees have the same amount of post-baccalaureate education as physicians.

Nurse practitioners have the ability to prescribe medications, order tests and make diagnoses on their own, while at the same time focusing on disease management, wellness, heath promotion and education.

“If nurse practitioners are used to the full extent possible, patients would have better education and could then minimize acute cases of illness and hospitalization,” said Kozy.

Read the full story in the Salem Statesman-Journal.


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