Graduating senior to head statewide outreach effort

Colin Jones ’11 is saying goodbye to the best friends of his life. Now he’s joined Oregon Campus Compact, where he’ll help college students across the state form their own friendships.

Favorite Linfield memories:

“My first year, I participated in Alternative Spring Break, and a group of us built a house alongside each other in the wind and rain and sleet and hail,” he says. “It was amazing, and the people I met that week are still my closest friends.”

Best thing I’ve learned at Linfield:

“I’ve learned that any obstacle can be overcome. Setbacks don’t mean ‘no.’ They just mean ‘try again later’ or ‘try a different way.’ I’ve found that getting what you want isn’t easy, but if you’re committed to your goal, anything can be achieved with enough persistence and creativity.”


“I just started working for Oregon Campus Compact as their student leadership coordinator,” Jones says. “A lot of my time at Linfield has been spent advocating for community service and student leadership, and this job is going to let me do both of those things! I’m looking forward to living in Portland, working with students and continuing to support things I’m passionate about.

“Mostly, I’m just really excited to graduate! I know I’ll always be part of the Linfield family, but it’s time for me to see what I can learn elsewhere. I’m looking forward to meeting people and trying different things at a new job in a new city.”