Gilman scholarships send Linfield students abroad

Cassie Kwon ’12Linfield ranks in the top 25 undergraduate schools for student participation in study abroad, and four more students have signed on, thanks to the Gilman International Scholarship Program.

Kelli Brooks ’11 is headed to Japan, Makkedah-Satori Emanuel ’12 to Costa Rica, Cassie Kwon ’12 (pictured) to Japan and Michele Wong ’12 to Hong Kong.

Kwon chose to study at Kanto Gakuin University, Linfield’s international sister school, because its program provides opportunities to be fully immersed in Japanese culture.

“I have attempted to gain a better understanding of human cultures through my anthropology studies,” says Kwon, who is considering a career teaching English as a second language. “Although I haven’t had to face the severe challenges of some immigrants in this country, I have faced the challenge of feeling different, and so I look forward to the experience of being a foreigner in Japan.”

Kwon’s experience tutoring children from other countries has led her to embrace and seek diversity. Her anthropology courses have helped her understand other cultures better and enhance her long-term career goal of helping immigrants in the U.S.

The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers grants for undergraduate students to pursue academic studies abroad with a goal of nurturing mutual understanding between countries.

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