From Mexico to the U.S. to Linfield College

Araceli Ortiz ’09 learned English, found her calling, and graduated last year from college.“I was going to prove that I could do something wonderful with my life,” says Ortiz.

She majored in sociology and Spanish, peer-taught Spanish classes and joined campus clubs. She also traveled and studied in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Spain.

“People get so consumed with and focused on the life they are living that it’s hard for them to realize how much there is for us to see and learn about in other parts of the world,” Ortiz says. “Travel is so amazing! I will never ever forget any of my study abroad experiences.”

Ortiz graduated last year and now serves as coordinator for Adelante Chicas, a Latina women’s group. She would like to return to school and study for a degree in public health, and hopes to someday join the Peace Corps. … MORE