Fashion photography focus of Linfield exhibit

“Fashion and Fiction,” an art exhibit examining fashion photography, will run Feb. 9 through March 13 at the Linfield College Fine Art Gallery. An opening reception will be held Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 6 p.m. in the gallery.

The exhibition is based on examining the intersection of contemporary staged or constructed photography and the relationship with strategies and theories of traditional fashion photography. Fashion photography has a long, rich history of creating fictitious imagery with luxuriously decadent and extravagantly ephemeral interpretations of modern culture. The current wave of constructed narrative photography also has a cultural tradition that seems to weave in and out of history, from investigations into Victorian modes of identity and class systems, into mysterious cinematic interpretations of recoding society and civilization. What role does photography play in interpreting contemporary narrative traditions in its impulsive and often superficial tendencies to encode, subvert, disguise and embellish how popular culture functions?

Guest curator is Todd Johnson. Artists include Melanie Pullen (Los Angles, Calif., courtesy of Ace Gallery), Holly Andres (Portland, courtesy of Robert Mann Gallery), New Catalogue (Chicago, Ill., courtesy of Rhona Hoffman Gallery), Daniel Hoyt (Portland), Alex Lim (San Francisco, Calif.) and Darien Revel (Richland, Wash.).

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