Social Issues and Culture

Art and science of brewing beer

Art trends in Oregon

Bluegrass music and culture

Chemical-free beer

Drug use and abuse

Community and public radio

Cultures of Andes (Peru, Ecuador)

Economics of agriculture

Economics of water

Effect of drugs on behavior

Environmental ethics

Environmental history of U.S.

Fishing industry in Washington and B.C.

Forest ecology in Forest Park

Gambling regulation

Grow-related environmental conflicts

Habitat for Humanity

Hispanic housing

History of food production in U.S. West

History of Japanese government-business relations

History of Pacific salmon conservation

History of U.S. West


Human trafficking

Illegal immigrants in agriculture and industry

Immigration and dislocation

Immigration reform

Latin American culture and history

Latin American politics

Latino entrepreneurs

Latino immigrants

Magazine journalism

Marketing and public relations

Mass media

Media coverage of elections

Media coverage of environmental issues

Media coverage of women’s sports

Media ethics

Media history

Mexican culture and history

Modern Japanese economic thought and policy

Mountain biking

Multimedia communication

Native American history in Pacific Northwest

Oregon ballot initiatives

Physical fitness in youth

Political communication

Portable communities

Portland art scene

Prescribing rights for psychologists

Public relations fiascos

Race and ethnicity


Rhetoric of eco-terrorism


Social media and journalism

Strategies for environmental advocacy

Teen violence

Traditional roots of popular music

Tribal casinos

Urban forest management

U.S.-Mexico border

War and gender

Water use during drought

Women and Islam