Dawn Nowacki

Linfield College Professor Dawn NowackiPhD, Political Science, Emory University
MA, Communications, University of Washington 

Professor Dawn Nowacki teaches political science, including comparative politics and international relations. Her current scholarship and teaching is centered on women in politics, war and gender, women and politics in the Middle East, women and Islam, and politics and Islam.

Her work has been included in Discipline and Punishment in Global Politics: Illusions of Control. Previous publications and presentations focused on women’s political representation in Russia and its peripheral provinces, strategies of marginalized groups in post-communist systems, and democratic orientations and authoritarian practice, with her work represented in Women’s Access to Political Power in Post-Communist Europe (Oxford University Press).

Dr. Nowacki’s scholarship, including study in Russia, Turkey, Jordan and China, has been supported by a Fulbright Scholar Award and the National Endowment for the Humanities.