Cris Moss

Master of Fine Arts, New York University.

Moss is curator and director of Linfield Gallery at Linfield College, where he teaches art and visual culture.

He has curated and coordinated exhibits around the country, including “Portland 2010” and a show at the Swiss Institute Contemporary Art in New York City (NYC). He curates the Donut Shop Gallery, with continually changing locations around the country, and directed the Rosenberg Gallery in NYC.

Moss’ work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, Oregon and Washington, and in France, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, Portugal and Czech Republic.

He has presented lectures in Europe and the U.S., serves on the advisory board for Disjecta Arts in Portland, and was a member of the review committee for art fellowships for the Oregon Arts Council (2011). Moss currently serves on the board for public art purchases for the Regional Arts and Commissions Council.


Throughout the academic year, exhibitions of regional, national and international stature are on view in the 1500 square-foot space at Linfield College. Patrons can expect challenging shows that exemplify diverse approaches to contemporary art.