Faculty Fulbright winners

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Hillary Crane, anthropology – 1997-98, Taiwan; scholarship; grant supported the research for my doctoral dissertation in anthropology on the subject of the rising numbers and influence of nuns among Buddhist monastics in Taiwan as well as the degree to which they view themselves as men.

Tom Gressler, theatre — Greece

Howard Leichter, political science – 1995, University of Bath, England; Studied the changing role of the British National Health Service and shared with the faculty there the Oregon experience with health care rationing.

Tom Love, anthropology – 1989, National Agrarian University, Lima, Peru; teaching/research award; conducted ethnographic research with Brazil nut harvesters in SE Peru rainforest in a political ecology of sustainable forestry project.

Joel Marrant, anthropology – 1973-74, 1981-82 and 1987, Maramures region, Romania; All three grants funded ethnographic research in the region.

Ron Mills, art – 1987, 1992, Costa Rica; indigenous visual culture research coupled with mural activity.

Dawn Nowacki, political science – 2001, Petrozavodsk, Russia; teaching and scholarship. Research on women in Russian regional politics, including interviews with female parliamentarians in Karelia and Arkhangelsk; teaching on gender in Russian society.

Joan Paddock, music – 1986-87, Norwegian State Academy of Music; Oslo, Norway; Conducted research and performed works contributing to doctoral thesis; 2007-12, Fulbright Senior Specialist Roster.

Peter Richardson, German – 1966-67, University of Marburg; Marburg, Germany; work involved both advanced graduate courses and research in the university dialect institute.

Laura Rodgers, nursing – 1998, Far East State Medical University and Far Eastern State Transport University, Khabarovsk, Russia; teaching and scholarship; Studied the health care system/practices in the Russian Far East to gain insights into the current health care practices of immigrants from the former Soviet Union in order to assist U.S. health care providers to provide culturally competent care to this population.

John Sagers, history – 1998-99, Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan; graduate research fellowship, study of samurai leaders’ market reforms which facilitated Japan’s late nineteenth century transition to modern capitalism.

Eric Schuck, economics – 2006, 2009, South Africa and Lebanon

Sandy Soohoo-Refaei, international programs – 2001, U.S.-Japan International Education Administrators Program in Tokyo, Kyoto, Beppu, Kokura and Nagasaki, Japan. The program familiarized a small group of five international education administrators with higher education, society and culture in Japan.

David Sumner, English – 2007, Universität of Bayreuth; Bayreuth, Germany; Teaching project titled “The Nature Tradition in American Literature.”

Brad Thompson, mass communication – 2000-01, American University, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria; Teaching journalism and mass communication