President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity established

In recognition of the richly diverse community at Linfield College, President Thomas Hellie has established a President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity that will support individuals from every background.

Linfield’s student body is more ethnically diverse; last year almost a quarter of students on both campuses were Americans of color. The school sees other forms of diversity as well, with students varying in age, sexual orientation and economic class.

“Diversity provides opportunities for intellectual exploration and personal growth as students learn to negotiate complex social landscapes and befriend those from all walks of life,” Hellie says.

“Our college is growing more diverse, which is great because of the rich insights and varied experiences this adds to our campus community,” says Crystal Galarza, a senior who will serve on the president’s committee. “But it also means that we need to work together to better understand and integrate our differences. The demographics on college campuses are changing nationwide, so it’s important to have an open dialogue about what this means.”

The new committee was created to promote the advancement of diversity and inclusivity in the Linfield College community. President Hellie will initially chair the 15-member committee, which includes students, faculty and staff who represent diverse constituencies.

Check out the Multicultural Program on the McMinnville Campus, as well as the similar program on Linfield’s Portland Campus.

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