April shaping up to be EPIC month for students

EPIC AprilLinfield College students can make April EPIC by participating in a variety of weekly challenges and a surprise end-of-the-month celebration.

EPIC, Every Person is Connected, is sponsored by Linfield College Residence Life to encourage community, and bring together students beyond their typical friend groups. Each week will include a new themed challenge.

“We hope that people have fun with it and meet new people, or even learn something new about one of their friends,” said Audrey Collen ’21, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) president. “One thing that makes a community stronger is common experiences. I hope that this month can be something people will reflect on in different ways.”

WEEK ONE, April 3-8 – This week is all about making random connections. The challenge? Make five random connections online or in person with other Linfield students.

WEEK TWO, April 10-14 – Residence Life challenges students to perform five acts of kindness.

WEEK THREE, April 17-21 – This week is all about celebrating relationships and contributions. This week’s challenge is to tell five people you appreciate them and your relationship.

The month will conclude on an epic note, with a surprise celebration Monday, April 24.

Keep track of weekly progress using #EPICLinfield or pick up a paper tracker in the Residence Life office. Prizes will be given randomly to those who complete and announce the challenges.

Follow @LinfieldResLife on Twitter and Instagram and join ‘EPIC Linfield’ on Facebook for tips and hints on completing the challenges.