Almost graduated, looking back …

College is unlike any other time in your life, says Hannah Michelotti ’10. “There won’t be any other time in life that you can live on a campus away from home, take classes all day and live with your friends,” she says. “There won’t be another time where you can drop everything and go to France to study the language for four months. I’m pretty sad to know I’m actually leaving. It’s the best time of life.”

Hannah’s favorite place on campus?

The library. It’s one of the most beautiful buildings on campus because of the soft colors and natural light, it houses all the books on campus (and I love books), and I feel welcome when I walk in. I would live in the library if I had my choice of any space on campus.

Her reasons to live in Oregon?

Alien Parade — How cool is that?!

Powell’s — The largest bookstore in the world, and most magical place on the planet.

The Blazers — Oregon! Rise with us.

City of the Roses — We have the most beau-ooo-ti-ful roses. See: Rose Garden in Washington Park.

June/July/August/September — The most beautiful summer months in the world. We can boast a pretty unparalleled amount of GREEN (check out the trees, foliage, etc.).

Twilight fan”? — Guess where much of the first movie was filmed? Oregon!

Home to the famous wine country — See: Willamette Valley.

Nike Headquarters — Located where? Oregon!

Home to the largest wooden airplane in the world — See: Howard Hughes, the Spruce Goose!

The Oregon Trail — Yeah, we’re famous.

OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, pronounced Om-see)

Voodoo Doughnuts — Open 21 hours a day from 6 a.m.–3 a.m. You’ve never had a doughnut like this and you’ll never want to go back to the doughnuts you were having.

Home to Crater Lake National Park!
HOMETOWN: Portland, Ore.

MAJOR: Communication arts

MINOR: French and English

ACTIVITIES: Residence Life community, tennis club, Greek life, three honor societies, speech and debate program

GOALS: “I hope to go to graduate school and later become a professor. Linfield has shown me how much I love to learn; I never want to stop.”
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