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Thesis Binding

All students who write senior theses should bring one signed copy to Amanda Martin in the Technical Services Department of the Jereld R. Nicholson Library. In addition to the signed copy, please print, complete, and submit a Thesis Checklist and a Copyright Release Form.


Q. How much does it cost?
A. Currently, personal copies are $15.00 each.

Q. My advisor wants a copy. What do I do?
A. Print out an extra copy and submit it as well. Students are not charged for departmental copies.

Q. When can I expect my bound thesis?
A. Theses submitted in May are mailed to your forwarding address in August. If your thesis is submitted at a different time of the year, make arrangements with Amanda Martin.

Q. On what sort of paper should my thesis be printed?
A. Standard printer paper is fine! You may prefer to print on higher quality paper but it certainly is not required.

Q. What about margins?
A. Standard document margins are acceptable.

Q. How do I get my thesis posted in DigitalCommons@Linfield?
A. If you've had your thesis approved for inclusion in DigitalCommons@Linfield, email a copy to Once your thesis has been processed and uploaded, we will notify you.