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Linfield Libraries Search: Search Linfield Libraries and Beyond

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Linfield Search (powered by Primo ExLibris) is the Search Box on the main page, front and center:  Use it for finding books and articles at Linfield College or at libraries regionally and libraries worldwide.  By default, results include items:

  • books Available - books or other physical materials at Linfield Libraries or full text online or
  • books Summit  - Summit items (not at Linfield) but available to request.   Signin with CatNet ID required.
  • books Not Available - If you check the Expand my Results box to the left of the search, you will find items we do not have but which are requestable via Interlibrary loan. Articles can arrive in 1-2 days.  Books, dvds will take longer - 3-10 days.  

Use the dropdown scopes to search:

  • Linfield + Summit + Articles - books from Linfield and other Summit (37 regional) academic libraries and articles from subscribed and freely available journals worldwide and even some websites, datasets and academic websites.  Use side links to limit by format (books) etc.  Request Summit items books with delivery about 3-5 days.
    Exception: Everything does not include WorldCat items - see WorldCat scope below.
  • Linfield Libraries - find books and other physical materials available at Linfield libraries.
  • Articles -  articles from subscribed and freely available journals worldwide.
  • Ebsco -  focuses on articles from dozens of Ebsco databases. You can also search Ebsco and other databases individually via the Research Databases link on the left sidebar of the Libraries pages.

Top Right Toolbar

  • New Search - start search again from main Linfield Libraries page
  • WorldCat - finds materials worldwide beyond Summit, including from public libraries and other regional collections outside the Pacific Northwest. (Delivery on WorldCat requested items is longer than Summit, about 3-10 days).
  • Databases - Disciplinary Research Databases that can be searched individually.  Organized by discipline and alphabetically.
  • Class Guides - Individualized lists of resources and learning aids associated with library classes integrated into course content.
  • Ejournals A-Z - Access alphabetically to Electronic journals .  Print journals not included. Both Electronic and print journals in our collection can also be found by searching in Linfield Search by journal title.
  • Ask Us! (chat) - Get answers online.  Zoho Chat service available 1pm - 1am most days.
  • Help! - System provided answers to searching and other features, including My Account and using E-Shelf and Alerts to manage results lists.

Tips for Searching Linfield Search

Linfield Libraries Search is powered by ExLibris Primo which includes lots of online search help. Here are some hints for specific kinds of searching: 

  • Sign in  with CatNet ID first for best results.  Summit and other Interlibrary Loan options require sign in, as does access to  E-Shelf, My Account, etc.. Further,  certain databases require login in order to be included in results (e.g.Web of Science, MLA).  The Ebsco scope requires login if you are off campus.  You can signin from the main searchbox or at point of request you will be prompted to sign-in.
  • Use quotes around known titles for best results, just as in a Google search. (For instance, "The World Is Flat"). Add author last name in search box to limit further.
  • Limit by facets: After search, notice the facets along the left sidebar. Limit results by format (books), Subject (vitaculture), Language (French), etc.
  • Advanced Search includes more options such as using keywords in title, subject, author or limiting by material type. (Remember to use quotes around exact titles, even in Advanced Search title mode.)
  • Browse Search works well for finding books using Subject headings (Viticulture - Oregon) or by Library of Congress Classification numbers (ex. SB387.76.O7 O74).
  • My Account - tracks your checkouts and allows renewals (requires sign in)
  • Use E-Shelf - As you search, click stars for the titles you want to track or revisit.  They will show up in your e-shelf each session but sign in required to preserve for future searching.

Note:  The new system is still improving.  Updates to this information ongoing.

Why can't I find a common book by title?

  • Start by using quotes (ex. "the old man and the sea")  If you have a complete exact title, use is (exact)  (example: is (exact) the old man and the sea.  Or if you know some of the words use contains (ex. contains the old man and the sea)
  • Further refine in the Advanced search to words in title, material type, year, and more.

What does Linfield Search include?

  • The Everything scope includes materials at Linfield, Summit (consortium of academic libraries in Washington and Oregon), and articles from many databases and freely available sources (like PubMed) as well as full text from some of our online Encyclopedias and other freely available full text ebooks. For WorldCat items (beyond Summit) use the WorldCat scope.
  • Linfield Libraries scope include books, dvds, etc. from Linfield Libraries. 
  • The Articles scope limits to subscribed and freely available articles.  Not all articles from our databases are in Articles scope, so check individual Research Databases  as well.
  • Ebsco only scope funnels all the Ebsco databases into one search.
  • WorldCat scope features all WorldCat Worldwide libraries, including all Summit and Linfield.  So try the Everything scope first.

 What does it not include?

  • Some articles from dozens of Research Databases do not appear.  While Linfield Search is a great place to start for finding articles, try more specialized options from the Research Databases link in top toolbar or via the dropdown on the Libraries page left sidebar. 

 What else does Linfield Libraries Search do?

  • If you sign in, you can check My Account.
  • E-Shelf allows yout to save, organize and send lists of titles for the current session, or if you sign in, more permanently.  Click on stars by each item in a results set that you would like to include in e-shelf.
  • Allows you to mark, save, email, and export citations

What other resources are available to me?

If you don't find what you want in Linfield Libraries Search,  consult the Library Class Pages and Research Databases and Online Encyclopedias links from the mainpage left sidebar.  And please ask us for anytime for assistance.

What Periodicals can I find via Linfield Search?

Search the Ejournals A-Z list to find links to online journal titles only. Find out if we have access to any particular journal, whether online or in print, by choosing Advanced Search, limiting Material Type to Journal, then searching the journal title.

How can I renew a book or see what I have checked out?

Find My Account in the top right corner of any Linfield Search results page.

What happened to Summit?

Summit is now wrapped into the Everything scope of Linfield Libraries Search. books Summit  indicates a Summit result that you can request.  Signin with CatNet ID to view request option.

What happened to WorldCat?

Looking for material beyond Summit?  Search the WorldCat link located near the Linfield Libraries Search box on the Libraries main page or up in the Toolbar on the results page.   If you don't find what you want,  ask us

Comments. Questions? Please let us hear from you.