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Library Class Pages for 2014

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Fall Classes 2014-2015

Course Number Class Name Professor Librarian
ANTH111 Cultural Anthropology Crane Valentine
BIOL 108 Ecology of Ecosystems Knight West
BNAC 261 Managerial Accounting Greenlees Valentine
BNMK 420 Sales & Sales Management Laird Magee Valentine
EDUC 302 Diversity and Inclusion Harris Wohlmut
ELCP 122 Research Paper Prep Bowles West
HHPA 297 Introduction to Research in Physical Activity Jeff McNamee Wohlmut
IDST 110 Bridge to College Skills Bowles West
INQS 125 Complementary Healing Methods Lepp Valentine
INQS 125 Demons in Our Midst Kernberger Valentine
INQS 125 Four Novels of the American West Lex Runciman Whyte
INQS 125 Game Theory in Popular Culture Nordstrom West
INQS 125 Genius of East Asian Civilization Keaveney West
INQS 125 Language Matters Richardson Valentine
INQS 125 Living Well, Living Long Graff-Haight West
INQS 125 Meditation: From Monks to Modern Times Fiordalis Wohlmut
INQS 125 Mexico Immigration to the U.S. Bailey Glasco Valentine
INQS 125 Multicultural America Dutt-Ballerstadt Valentine
INQS 125 Rock'n'Roll Huntsberger Wohlmut
INQS 125 Russian Writers & Political Violence Smith Valentine
INQS 125 The Tragic Side of Life Durand Wohlmut
INQS 125 What is Good Citizenship? Mertes Wohlmut
INQS 125 What To Listen For in the World Paddock Whyte
INQS 125 Women Writing War Seidman Whyte
INQS 125 Women's Voices: Demanding the Vote Marshall Whyte
SOAN 232 Medicine & Culture Miller Valentine
SOAN 308 Social Research Methods Vandehey West
TCCA 230 Intercultural Communications Lee West

Summer Classes 2013-2014

Course Number Class Name Professor Librarian
DCE ENGL 377 Fundamentals of Research Writing Rucavado West
DCE IDST 008 Library Introduction for Online Students Sukalac ADP/DCE West
NURS 309 Transition to Professional Nursing Jones West

Spring Classes 2013-2014

Course Number Class Name Professor Librarian
AAVC 217 History of Graphic Design Winkenweder Caspers
BIOL 275 Introduction to Microbiology MacLea McCulley
BIOL 361 General Microbiology Weisz McCulley
BUSN 321 Intro to Marketing Nelson Valentine
BUSN 421 Promotions Management Laird Magee Valentine
BUSN 426 International Marketing Laird Magee Valentine
DCE Library Introduction for Online Students Adult Degree Program/DCE McCulley
DCE ENVS 308 Water Resources Knight McCulley
DCE HIST 490 Senior Thesis Boas McCulley
DCE IDST 008 Linfield Entry Colloquium Sukalac McCulley
DCE IDST 490 Senior Thesis Keaveney McCulley
DCE INQS 126 Inquiry Seminar Rucavado McCulley
DCE SOAN 490 Senior Thesis Vandehey McCulley
EDUC 302 Diversity & Inclusion Harris Caspers
ELCP 122 Research Paper Preparation Delano Caspers
ENVS 299 Climate Change Knight McCulley
HHPA 381 School Health Programs Graff-Haight Caspers
HHPA 397 Introduction to Research & Physical Activity McNamee Caspers
IDST 010 Learning Skills Gossett Caspers
INQS 125 Beats to the Beatles Wilkins Caspers
INQS 125 Coming of Age in Literature Pollack-Pelzner McCulley
INQS 125 Globetrotters Hommell-Ingram Caspers
INQS 125 In Search of the Good Life Sumner Valentine
INQS 125 Nuclear Society Murray McCulley
INQS 125 Tattoos, Piercings & Post-modern Identities Harris Caspers
INQS 125 War! Ecological and Cultural Perspectives Love Valentine
NURS 309+ Library Research for RN to BSN Students RN to BSN Faculty McCulley
PSYC 250 Design and Analysis Weisberg McCulley
SOAN 385 Social Theory Gardner/Love Valentine
TCCA 230 Intercultural Communications Lee Caspers
TCCA 233 Multicultural Communication Lee Caspers

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Workshops, Tutorials and Other Presentations

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Evaluating Resources
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Finding Book Reviews & Literary Criticism
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Subject Research Guides

Department Librarian
Chemistry Research Chemistry McCulley
Ecology & Environmental Studies Biology & Environmental Studies McCulley
Physics Research Physics McCulley
Psychology Research Psychology McCulley
Political Science Research Political Science Valentine
Art History Research Art and Visual Culture Caspers
Biology Research Biology McCulley