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ILL Basics

FAQS : Here's some information about ILL you may not know...

What is this ILL I’ve heard so much about?

ILL (Interlibrary Loan) is a way of borrowing and lending resources with libraries all over the world. ILL helps you obtain materials that Linfield does not have.  But ILL is a bit behind the scenes.  Usually you find items to request when searching Linfield WorldCat or one of the Libraries Research Databases (see also Research Tips).  If you want a particular book or article, first check Linfield WorldCat (see Before You Request).  If you cannot find it there, you can request it via My ILL Account

ILL can request both physical materials (such as books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) and articles (which usually arrive digitally). You must be currently enrolled/employed at Linfield to use ILL. 

What is Summit?

Summit is a network of over 30 academic library collections in the Northwest, such as University of Oregon, Reed College, and of course Linfield.  When you search Linfield WorldCat, what Linfield has shows up first, then items from Summit libraries, then WorldCat Libraries (worldwide). Summit items arrive more quickly than WorldCat Libraries items.  Check  My Summit Account located top right on the Summit page to see what Summit items you borrowed or want to renew.  Check My ILL Account for information about other requested items.

I've ordered a book. When and how do I get it?

Physical items (books, dvd's, cd's etc.) generally take at least seven days to arrive.

Physical items will be on the holdshelf behind the circulation desk. You'll get an email notification when the item comes in. Just come to the desk when the library is open to get your item.

Items will be mailed to DCE students unless they live in McMinnville. DCE students who live in McMinnville can pick items up at the circulation desk.

Please return items to the circulation desk with all the paperwork that came with them. DCE students can mail items back to the Nicholson Library. --  Contact Us for more information.

But I ordered an article.  When and how do I get that?

Articles generally come faster than physical items. Articles are delivered either electronically or physically, with most being received electronically. That means the article will be online when ILL receives it and you will be able to access soon after. You will get an email with instructions when the items arrive.

If the article comes physically, it will be sent to your Linfield address (for students taking classes at the McMinnville campus), sent in campus mail (faculty, staff, and administrators), or mailed to your home address (DCE students).

How do I renew an item?

You may request one renewal per item unless the item’s paperwork indicates otherwise. To request a renewal, first login to My ILL account.  Then click the See your ILL items and view articles online button and simply choose the item(s) you want renewed from the list of things checked out to you on the page. Finish by clicking the Send Renewal Requests button at the bottom of the page.

You can also email with the title and ILL number of the item.

Renewals need to be asked for on a item-by-item basis. Once you’ve submitted a renewal request, you will receive an email from with further information

When should I request a renewal? What happens if I can’t get a renewal?

Ideally, one week before the item is due. Renewals for significantly overdue items will not be processed. Overdue fines, by the way, are $0.25/day.

What if I lose or damage an item?

When you pick an item up from ILL you assume responsibility for it. If you lose or damage an item you may be subjected to a replacement fee. The amount will be determined by the lending library and Linfield ILL. Linfield ILL will contact you with the cost once it has been determined. If you lose or damage an item please contact ASAP to let us know.

I have special instructions about my ILL request. Is there a way to send a note with it?

As a matter of fact, yes! When requesting an item using the automatically generated ILL form (physical items or articles) the last field above the “submit” button is for any notes you’d like to include to ILL staff about the item. Be as specific as you need to be and we will try to accommodate.

I have more questions! What do I do?

Contact Us!