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Regular Library Hours:
Nicholson Library
M-Th 7:30a - midnight; F 7:30a - 6p
Sat 10a - 4p; Sun noon - midnight

Portland Campus
M-Th 8a - 9p; F 8a - 5p
Sat 11a - 5p; Sun 3p - 9p
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Language and Literature

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  • Dictionary of American Regional English
    DARE is different from other dictionaries in that it does not include words that are commonly used throughout the United States, but rather focuses on the regional aspects of our language, documenting words, phrases, and pronunciations that vary from one place to another.

  • Green's Dictionary of Slang Oxford
    Unprecedented 10.3 million-word collection of the impertinent, vile, censored, hip, witty, and fascinating slang words of the English language, covering five centuries of innovation in all English-speaking regions of the world. (2011)

  • Handbook of Research on Teaching Methods in Language Translation and Interpretation Gale
    This book presents an interdisciplinary approach to educational contexts across cultures for the study of verbal and written linguistics in order to broaden students' communicative and problem solving abilities. (2016)

  • International Encyclopedia of Linguistics Oxford
    Encompasses the full range of topics in linguistics, including such areas as historical, comparative, formal, mathematical, functional, philosophical, and sociolinguistics.(2003)

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  • Black Literature Criticism: Classic and Emerging Authors since 1950 Gale
    Focuses on writers and works published since 1950. The majority of the authors surveyed are African American, but representative African and Caribbean authors are also included.(2008)

  • Encyclopedia of the Gothic Wiley
    Brings together over 200 newly commissioned essays by leading scholars writing on all aspects of the Gothic as it is currently taught and researched, as well as challenging insights into the development of the genre and its impact on contemporary culture.

  • Encyclopedia of the Vampire: The Living Dead in Myth, Legend, and Popular Culture Gale
    Covers the full range of topics relating to vampires, including literature, film and television, and folklore.(2011)

  • Literary Movements for Students Gale
    Historical background information on each movement as well as modern critical interpretation of each movement's characteristic styles and themes. (2007)

  • Literary Themes for Students: Race and Predjudice Gale
    Represent a wide range of circumstances in which individuals experience prejudice in American, British and world literature. (2007)

  • Literary Themes for Students: The American Dream Gale
    Analyzes poetry, plays, short stories, novels, and works of nonfiction that address this theme in some capacity, and how that theme has been treated in literature at different times in history and across diverse cultures. (2007)

  • Literary Themes for Students: War and Peace Gale
    Examines dominant and recurring subthemes in the literature of war; including survival, terrorism, leadership, and genocide. (2007)

  • Literature of Propaganda Gale
    Contains 300 entries that explore literary works that deal with propaganda. The set includes a wide variety of genres and has an international scope. It explores the works of authors shaped by a variety of political, social, and economic movements, and places each work in its historical context. Each entry includes an overview of the work, historical context, primary themes and style, and critical discussion. (2013)

  • Literature of War Gale
    Provides historical, cultural and social context of works that focus on armed conflict throughout the world and time. It highlights the realities of war, its impact on society, and how it affects our understanding of it. (2012)

  • Literature Resource Center Gale
    Literature Resource Center offers up-to-date biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism, and reviews on more than 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods and from around the world. Its materials support interdisciplinary approaches, information literacy, and the development of critical thinking skills.

  • Shakespeare for Students Gale
    Collection of essays by Shakespeare scholars with an introduction; a plot synopsis; a character list; a discussion of the work's principal themes (2007)

Research Articles


  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
    On-line version of the 1919 edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. You can browse by author (chronologically or alphabetically) or search by keyword.

  • Great Books Online
    Hundreds of complete works including inaugural addresses, poetry, prose, and reference.

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