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  • Cases on Collaboration in Virtual Learning Environments : Processes and Interactions Gale
    Contains unique research cases on experiences, implementations, and applications of virtual learning environments. Offers a critical collection of leading explorations useful to educational practitioners, researchers, and those involved in related fields of study. (2010)

  • Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education
    Presents research and statistics, case studies, and best practices, policies, and programs at pre-and postsecondary levels. (2012)

  • Encyclopedia of Education
    Offers a complete view of the institutions, people, processes, roles, and philosophies in educational practice in the United States and throughout the world. (2003)

  • Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology
    Provides an overview and an explanation of the major topics in the field of educational psychology, including topics in categories such as human learning and development (across the life span), motivation, measurement and statistics, and curriculum and teaching.(2008)

  • Encyclopedia of School Health Sage
    Offers quick access to health and wellness information most relevant to children in America's K-12 school setting, including guidance on developmental stages, acute and chronic illnesses, special education, nutrition, crisis response, prevention, and more. (2013)

  • Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

  • Greenwood Dictionary of Education Gale
    Defines over 3,000 terms from the field of education to assist those charged with teaching students to become global citizens in a rapidly changing, technological society. (2011)

  • Psychology of Classroom Learning Gale
    Examines the fundamental psychological aspects of learning such as cognition, motivation, and emotion, as well as individual and environmental factors at work in the classroom.(2009)

  • Sage Encyclopedia of Classroom Management Gale
    This encyclopedia raises issues and introduces evidence-based, real-world strategies for creating and maintaining well-managed classrooms where learning thrives.

Research Articles


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