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Library Services for Linfield ADP/DCE Students in McMinnville

Linfield College's Jereld R. Nicholson Library

As Linfield students residing in the McMinnville area, Jereld R. Nicholson Library on the McMinnville Campus, is your primary library.

You can access much of the Linfield College Libraries' homepage on the Internet. You can access all of Linfield Libraries' databases with your Linfield CatNet ID and password. 

Books at the McMinnville or Portland Campus will be mailed to you, if you request DCE via mail.  Articles in journals not full text online, but in our print collection in Nicholson Library will be copied and e-mailed to you.   Check delivery for the details. You may also request books through Summit borrowing and journal articles, not available in Nicholson Library or full text online, through interlibrary loan. Most article databases have direct links to Interlibrary Loan (through Search for Full Text links) or you may use the link to Interlibrary Loan on our library homepage. Remember that ordering books through Summit or articles through interlibrary loan takes time (3 days to 1 week for most), so please plan ahead.

You may e-mail or make an appointment with the Reference and Extended Services Librarian, Carol McCulley if you need help on with your library research.