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Whats New at the LCN

Visit our Facebook page and our YouTube channel! Check out what the Linfield Center for the Northwest is doing to connect students and community!

The Oregon Wine Institute Experience is underway for 2014! 
The OWIE program is preparing liberal arts students for the business of wine through experiential learning and internships. Check us out on Facebook to follow the students through four learning modules this summer: 1.) History, Grape Growing & Farming Practices; 2.)Wine Making & Operations Management; 3.)Sales, Marketing, & Distribution; 4.)Wine & Food Matching

Connecting students to the Pacific Northwest through Internship, Service-Learning, and Collaborative Research opportunities is what we are all about! The recipients of the Kemper and First Federal Internships are:

  • Katherine Allison
  • Kendra Barton
  • Maria Raquel Escalera Gonzalez
  • Seth Fults
  • Gilberto Garibaldo
  • Kayla Lisac
  • Michael Nardoni
  • Samantha Sigler
  • Ivanna Tucker
  • Kaitlyn Webb