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The Linfield College Oregon Wine Industry Experience
The business of wine through internships and experiential learning.

The Commitment

The Linfield College Oregon Wine Industry Experience is year-long including a Summer Wine Institute, Fall Harvest Exploration, and a Spring Winery Internship.

Learning the Industry

Winery owners and managers have indicated there is a steep learning curve for student interns and it takes a considerable number of weeks of training students about the wine industry to make them productive employees. In order to address this issue and meet the goals of Linfield's current Strategic Plan, the college has begun to develop a formal wine industry experience.


The Oregon Wine Industry Experience was initiated under the auspices of the Linfield Center for the Northwest, which promotes regional experiential learning opportunities for students in collaboration with the Office for Career Development and a grant from James S. Kemper Foundation.


Students will emerge from the Oregon Wine Industry Experience With:

  • Two practical internship experiences to add to their resume
  • A deeper understanding about a specific career path
  • Considerable knowledge about a local industry and the jobs available within that industry
  • Networking contacts to help secure employment after graduation
  • A clear understanding of how their liberal arts education informed the internship experience