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Identity and Reputation of Oregon Wine as Expressed Through Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer unprecedented opportunities for businesses to engage in frequent, two-way communication with consumers at very little cost. Many Oregon wineries have been using social media to communicate directly with consumers since at least 2010.

This project builds upon previous research by Professor Lisa Weidman and Professor Sharon Wagner to investigate how Oregon wineries and Oregon wine associations promote and enhance (i.e., manage) key reputational factors of Oregon wine through the use of social media. Weidman and Wagner plan to examine the messages posted by the wineries and wine associations on Facebook (and possibly one other social media platform) to see if they are being used to promote the key reputational factors identified in the 2012 research. They also plan to assess the extent to which the comments posted by consumers about Oregon wines and wineries reflect an appreciation of these key reputational factors.

The primary goals of this project are to: advance our understanding of how organizations use social media to manage their reputations; examine an exciting new channel through which businesses are able to deliver brand messages to their target markets; assess whether consumers are echoing those reputation-forming brand messages; and deliver actionable insights to our community partner.

Benefit to Linfield Students
Student collaborators in this research effort, Katelyn Henson, Shelby Vanderbergh, Kathie Byers and Ashley Streich, will learn to conduct quantitative content analysis and will be exposed to professional public relations/marketing and management practices. They will develop their skills in literature research and review, writing and conducting oral presentations for academic and professional audiences, and conducting focus groups.

Weidman and Wagner meet with Students