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General Manager: Jerry Young

Jerry Young is from Mendicino, California. He is a senior majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Political Science. Jerry joined KSLC because he enjoys broadcasting. He also wants to put student radio at Linfield back on the map. His favorite musical group is the Rat Pack. A fun fact about Jerry is that he can do a plethora of card tricks. 

Program Director and Promotions: Whitney Weber

Whitney Weber is from Bend, Oregon. A senior majoring in both Communication Arts and Marketing, Whitney works for KSLC because of her love for promotions, marketing, and entertaining the masses through her weekly show. She delivers her expertise to KSLC through her dual positions as Program Director and Promotions Director.  A fan of both modern and country music, Whitney's favorite artists span from Dirks Bentley all the way to the Beetles. A fun fact about Whitney is that she loves candy; especially Sour Patch Kids and Red Vines!

Technical Director: Jeremy Odden

Jeremy Odden is from Seattle, Washington. He is a junior majoring in Elementary Education and Theater Arts. He is working at KSLC because he believes he can excel as the Technical Director. Some of his favorite artists are Sutton Foster, Patti Lupone, and Barbra Streisand. A fun fact about Jeremy is that he runs a Broadway/theatre show.

Jeremy's KSLC Studio Show: The Broadway Brothers

Music Director: Vanessa So

Vanessa So is from Beaverton, Oregon. She is a junior majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Spanish. She is working at KSLC so that she can expand her experience in radio. Among her favorite artists are Justin Timberlake, Adele, and Frank Ocean. An interesting fact about Vanessa is that she loves to quote Mean Girls.

Assistant Music Director: Ivanna Tucker

Ivanna Tucker is from Portland, Oregon. She is a junior majoring in Mass Communication and Communication Arts. She is working at KSLC because she is hoping to pursue a job in broadcasting after graduating from Linfield College. She also wants to help increase awareness of the radio around campus. Some of her favorite artists include Frank Ocean, J. Cole, and Fall Out Boy. A fun fact about Ivanna is that she has been dancing for over eight years. 

News Director: Max Milander

Max Milander is from Seaside, Oregon. He is a senior majoring in Mass Communications and Music. He works at KSLC because he loves being on the air, and especially likes when he is broadcasting sports courtside. One of his favorite groups is The Beatles. One thing you should know about Max is that he loves calling play by play.

Max's KSLC Studio Show: Subtle Satirist

Sports Director: Morgan Cohen

Morgan Cohen is from Hillsboro, Oregon. She is a senior majoring in Exercise Science. Morgan works at KSLC for the experience and it gives her a chance to interact with a great group of people. Some of her music preferences are the Zach Brown Band and Jimmy Buffet. A fun fact about Morgan is that she was a figure skater for eight years.

Assistant Sports Director: Sam Krier

Sam Krier is from Eugene, Oregon. Sam is a sophomore majoring in Management with a minor in Sports Management. Sam is working with KSLC because he loves sports and wanted to get involved in Linfield Athletics. Among Sam's favorite artists are Tim McGraw and Toby Keith. A fun fact about Sam is that he can bend his fingers backwards.

Sam's KSLC Studio Show: Wildcat Country

Information Director: Julian Adoff

Julian Adoff is from San Ramon, California. He is a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with minors in History and Political Science. He is working for KSLC because he loves working on websites behind the scenes, but is also excited about getting out there and having the opportunity to be on the air. Some of his favorite musical groups are Fall Out Boy and Florence + The Machine. Julian hopes to become a Graphic Designer after graduating from Linfield.

Julian's KSLC Studio Show: Subtle Satirist

Faculty Advisor: Michael Huntsberger

Professor Huntsberger is from Palo Alto, California. He is an Assistant Professor of Mass Communications. Professor Hunstberger's interests are in media policy, history and ethics, as well as anything related to media technology. Among Professor Huntsberger's list of favorite music are Mose Allison, Chet Atkins, Jimi Hendrix, and Buddy Holly.