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Information Technology Services

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Student Technical Support

Phone: (503) 883-2553

Services for Students

Hardware Service

What ITS will do for you:

  • Provide information for student computer setup (PC/MAC) for campus network use.
  • Fix faulty Ethernet jacks in all campus housing.
  • Perform repairs on Macintosh computers still under warranty.
  • Make an attempt to restore corrupted disks but make no promise of complete recovery.
  • Provide recommendations when service is not supported. (i.e. outside vendor contact)

ITS does not:

  • Repair computers or other hardware not mentioned above.
  • Setup computers for other local networks, (Verizon DSL, Attbi, Comcast, etc.).
  • Provide Operating Systems (Windows 7, Mac OS X) or software (Office 2010) for student use.

Request for Computer Service