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ITS Mission

Information Technology Services (ITS) supports the Linfield community by identifying and meeting current and future needs for hardware, software, and networks for voice and data. With regular feedback from students, faculty, and staff, ITS plans, develops and implements technology infrastructure to meet the College's goals for teaching excellence and to enhance institutional productivity in an efficient, cost-effective manner.


The multiple goals listed below are to be implemented in a cost-effective and efficient manner that will improve institutional productivity.

Goal 1. (voice/data)

Provide reliable and secure voice and data systems and services.

  1. Enhance and maintain the college's voice and data infrastructure, systems ad services in classrooms, student housing and offices.
  2. Maintain an operationally secure link to the Internet with adequate bandwidth.
  3. Provide a communication link to the Portland campus in support of voice, data and video.

Goal 2. (desktop)

Provide microcomputer and related desktop technology support services on supported hardware and software for faculty and staff.

  1. Provide installation, support, and repair services for microcomputers, printers, telephones and other desktop technology resources for faculty and staff.
  2. Provide technology consulting services to faculty and staff in support of classroom and workplace activities.
  3. Purchase, or provide purchasing advice for, office and departmental microcomputers and related equipment.

Goal 3. (training)

Provide technology training programs and other communications that help faculty and staff use supported software and hardware technology resources.

  1. Conduct technology and telephone training workshops for faculty and staff.
  2. Communicate and consult with faculty and staff on technology issues, projects and services.
  3. Maintain a current Office of Information Technology web page.

Goal 4. (servers)

Provide reliable and secure management of core institutional data systems and servers.

  1. Maintain and administer the college's central computing systems.
  2. Maintain and administer the college's core network.
  3. Maintain and enhance the college's enterprise system, Colleague/Benefactor.
  4. Maintain an accurate, consistent, and secure infrastructure to support Linfield's data reporting requirements.
  5. Develop systems that maximize the accessability and usefulness of college technology resources.

Goal 5. (students)

Provide technology support services for students.

  1. Manage Office of Information Technology owned computer labs to ensure maintenance of equipment, generous hours of operation and adequate support staff.
  2. Coordinate with faculty and staff to ensure compuer lab services and resources support academic goals.
  3. Provide quality long-distance, dialtone, voicemail and data network access for students living in college housing.
  4. Assist with the connection of personal computers to the campus network in student housing.
  5. Provide instruction and documentation for student technology resources.

Goal 6. (human resources)

Maintain a staff capable of operating, maintaining and enhancing technology systems and applications.

  1. Provide professional development and technical training opportunities for Office of Information Technology staff to ensure skills are maintained at levels adequate for the operation of college technology resources.
  2. Provide a work environment that promotes retention and recruitment.
  3. Maintain departmental communications and cross-training to build a customer services oriented support team.
  4. Employ students whenever possible to maximize services and provide job experience for students.
  5. Insure human resource levels are adequate for tasks at hand.

Goal 7. (policies)

Provide and manage policies, security systems and processes to protect Linfield’s technology resources.

  1. Maintain security systems and procedures to protect the college's computing facilities and technology resources from unauthorized access or disaster.
  2. Develop, and administer technology policies and guidelines.

Goal 8. (planning)

Engage in formal and informal planning activities in support of the use of information technology resources.

  1. Actively participate in all college infrastructure planning.
  2. Participate in various committees and groups to plan, promote, and enhance technology services or manage special projects.
  3. Participate in professional organizations relating to technology and higher education.
  4. Provide proposals and consulting in support of campus-wide technology projects.

Goal 9. (teaching support)

Support information technology in the teaching environment.

  1. Provide consultation and resources in support of current technology needs of faculty in the classroom.
  2. Provide technology training and resources in support of the learning goals of all academic departments.
  3. Participate in the exploration of the uses of technology in new ways of learning.

Goal 10. (web site)

Maintain and enhance an institutional web site to support Linfield’s content delivery needs.

  1. Provide technical support for college web site content providers.
  2. Maintain and enhance the institutional web site to respond to the needs of the extended Linfield community and prospective students.
  3. Develop interfaces between Colleague/Benefactor system and other internal or external databases and the college’s web site as necessary to enhance the campus information delivery goals.
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